Quieting the Mind through Indigenous Culture

Grace is a Guide to connecting you to your intuition.


Cultural Explorers, Believers in Spirit, & Healing Journeyers

I'm Grace

An Indigenous (Ojibway) guide, meditator and space holder. My work is to help you connect to your intuition that has always been within you. The spark. The fire. The spirit.

I grew up and currently live on Anishinaabe land, specifically, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. I am from the Eagle Clan (Migizi Dodem) and hold membership at M'Chigeeng First Nation.

I believe that if you are drawn to Indigenous ways, that you have a calling to once again reconnect to your own mind, body, spirit and to live life in alignment and flow.

Shadow Healing is a business providing a blended approach to Indigenous and Western perspectives in health and wellness through online education and land-based learning opportunities.


Grace provides online courses to support your mind, body, and spirit connection for greater wellbeing.


Grace provides group coaching to learn and be supported in a community where your healing process can accelerate exponentially.


Grace provides guided tours on sacred Manitoulin Island for spiritual learners and families who want to reconnect to nature.

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