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Emotional Body Blueprint

This course introduces the Emotional Body Blueprint Approach a 6-module course that provides practical, easy-to-use tools to understanding how you got shaped by your experiences and heal the shadows that got created out of fear. This knowledge helps you to heal the shadows of the past to live a peaceful NOW.

$555 - Lifetime Access

Reclaim Your Spiritual Sovereignty

This webinar focuses on integrating the mind, body, and soul as one. This teaching will help you to reach unity consciousness with your ancestors and reclaim your sovereignty and power that was either taken away or given away across all timelines.


$22 - 60 day Access

Your Coach

Grace Debassige

I am from M'Chigeeng First Nation located on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. I have been on my healing journey since 2014. This is the timeline that ignited my path toward self-discovery through a mind, body, spirit approach to life. It is with this intention that I help guide you to identify your shadows so that you can live a life in balance and harmony without re-living past experiences.

Creating a connection to yourself is the first step to begin to step into a world of awareness that has been waiting for you. Learning to live in a mind, body, spirit alignment is the core of my work.


S. Hooper

Course Participant

"Grace and I met through an extraordinary set of synchronicities. She came into my life when I was at my lowest ebb after a lifetime of crushing depression that no other professional could remedy Why? Because the issue was not in the physical or mental, the wound was in the Spirit. I am an Empath, a feeler of energy and I needed energy medicine. Healing with Grace was my path. Her gentle, insightful wisdom and connection to the Way of the Heart helped me align with all that was authentic to me"

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